Tru-Electric offers custom smart home audio/video & media solutions

Imagine being able to listen and control your favourite music throughout your house.

With a multi-room system, you can do just that. With the flexibility to enjoy Bach in the bedroom, Miles Davis in the study or Blue Rodeo on the patio.

Today’s homes are full of intricate systems and complex technology; TVs can appear from within cabinets, music can stream directly from the internet, lighting levels and room temperature can be set with touch of a button, but how to control it all, easily.

Starting with a site survey and design consultation with either yourself or your architect / interior designer.

We will then propose a bespoke system specific to your needs, our in house project managers and installers will then ensure that the job is brought in on time, on budget and providing something to really exceed your expectations.

Our objectives are simple – to provide an elegantly simple, easy to operate, home entertainment system, sympathetic to your home environment, with an installation free of worry, stress clutter or cables

So whether you are considering a straightforward surround sound system to complement an existing flat screen, or a no compromise, iPad controlled projection based cinema system for a dedicated room, Tru Electric can provide the perfect solution.

Home Automation

From simple one room all in one remote controls, to sophisticated touch screen remotes, to web tablets and whole house control systems.

Things You Can Do

Close all the curtains in a room with touch of a button

Transform your room from a working space to a relaxing lounge with creative mood lighting

Turn all the lights off in your house with a keypad at your front door

View and control your home CCTV from your laptop or even on holiday

Some questions you may have

Would you like to turn off all the lights in your home with one button?
Lighting automation offers the ultimate programability while reducing wall clutter. Contact us to discuss how we can design a custom system for your home.
We would like a Home Cinema with a tidy, discreet installation
On a daily basis our installers are fitting systems to make them appear ‘invisible’. No need to see any cables, no need to have any mess – just your home, as it was, but with cinema.
We’ve seen those amazing cinema rooms in the magazines – can you do that?
In a word, “Yes”. In liaising with architects, interior designers and decorators we have created stunning cinema rooms.
Can we have discreet speakers?
Yes. We regularly use in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to integrate systems into living areas. They are built in,  flush mount and usually only require a void around 95mm deep. If required, they can also be painted to match the colour of your room.
Does all the equipment have to be visible?
No, it doesn’t. We can supply off-the-shelf or bespoke cabinetry to contain all or some of your equipment. There are a vast array of shapes, styles and sizes to suit your taste.
Does all the equipment need to be in the room?
No, it doesn’t. We can use wi-fi or high-quality infra-red repeater systems, so your equipment can be contained anywhere in your house and still be controlled from the comfort of your favourite seat.
Can we have a doorbell camera?
Yes! Interested in a doorbell cameras? Contact us for a quote on a Ring or Nest pro Doorbell cameras.